About Maker



Who is making the products?

Born in South Korea, KaKyung Cho was always a child of art and craft. She came to America to study in 2001, and discovered the world of handmade soaps. 

Living in Brooklyn, NY., KaKyung takes great care to make a high quality product in her own kitchen – one that not only is cleansing to the surface of the skin but can also be refreshing to the mind. 

Not only does KaKyung make these products by herself, but she designs the packaging as well, and she also handles shipping and customer service in a personal manner. 

KaKyung emphasizes three main things in body product making: simplicity, comfort and intimacy. 

Simplicity lies in the choice of ingredients. The maker is convinced that only simple and natural ingredients should be used. Thus Bar Soap Brooklyn does not use any artificial dyes or additives (unless that is absolutely unavoidable, for instance as with lip stains). Her policy is to avoid non-functional gimmicky designs and ingredients. 

Comfort arises from familiarity and caring. Just as a mother’s cooking can make one comfortable, just so KaKyung hopes and wishes that her hand-blending and crafting will bring trust and comfort to those who use her products. 

Finally an intimacy factor arises when one uses soaps from Bar Soap Brooklyn. Although you and the maker may never have met, these soaps are intended as gentle and kind shower mates for each person, and it is intended that they give that person many good relaxing and cleansing moments. 

KaKyung hopes to share her love of soaps with everyone, and that people will understand and feel the difference a good soap can be as a starting point for skin care.