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I've not been buying much beauty products out there just because I do not like the smells and always worry if the products makes breaks outs on my face.

Now I'm at mid 30, that is no longer an option and I finally got a chance to look at my own skin after holiday. I started to question how it was in such a poor condition. 

I did my research and concluded few key aspects of daily skin care that is protective and enhancing skin condition. (Yes, my skin is better now!) 

I decided to make something will help my skin to balance pH, not clog pores and nourished by natural ingredients.

The new label “ONBOD” is focusing on every day skin care that is gentle yet effective even for a complex skin type like myself.  (It is a complex skin type with allergy and eczema.  Of course it break out from time to time).  The ingredients are simple things like rose and chamomile hydrosol, noncomodogenic oils and aloe vera juice.  

I'm rediscovering my own skin every day and amazed how it could have been taken cared of well!  Now it is your time to experience it.