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Lavender-Bath-Tea-Bag two sets


If you have inquiry, please e-mail barsoapbrooklyn at gmail dot com.

Thank you!

Lavender-Bath-Tea-Bag two sets


Lavender-Bath-Tea-Bag two sets


You just need a day to pamper yourself aways from all the stress.
You may drink, you may dance, you may talk with your best friend all night but it might just exhaust you more rather than energize you.

I find one quite hour or two actually help clarify thoughts and get me centered. It can be just a stroll or a workout session. If you have a bath tub, it might be your favorite time just be AHHHH... and soak in.

Bath tea bag is easier than loose bath salts and herb- just throw in the water to stip and take it out when you are done! No need to worry about clogging the drain with herbs.

Ingredients: dried Lavender buds, dried Chamomile flowers, Lavender essential oil, Mediterranean sea salt.

Happy bath!

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